March 15, 2020

Active Sitting Chair

I have always wanted to explore how my room can be enhanced and made conducive for getting stuff done. One observation was that the reclinable chair often me made too comfortable and resulted in more content reading/scrolling than focusing on side projects or tasks.

My colleague in office uses a back-rest-less stool which I found interesting and he always maintained a good sitting posture despite long hours at the desk.


However, after trying out at Ikea, which I found it to be useful, I decided not to go for it as the base slightly concaved and a “normal” user might end up falling off real bad by accident.

Weeks past and I finally decided to make the enhancement happen with another trip to Ikea. While trying out the TROLLBERGET chair, I hesitated for a long long time due to the cattle leather seat cover. After biting the bullet to go ahead after weighing the pros and cons of getting an active posture chair with leather top, I saw another model that had a cloth top!

Brilliant :D

The Saturday assembly process was surprisingly fast. All it was 1 x me and no more than 10 minutes to get the chair fixed up.


Welcoming my new active sitting chair to the workdesk! 🎉


If you are keen to try it out, make a trip to Ikea and find the LIDKULLEN chair!

What should I be buying next? lol

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