November 23, 2020

Ratio Café and Lounge

Recently, I read the article at and decided to add Radio Cafe to the cafes to visit list! The robot’s ability to brew the local (nanyang) coffee was rather impressive and we cannot really travel right now… so why not visit a local “attraction”?


From the looks as we reached the cafe, it was kind of wowowow, nice……


There are a couple of options to make your order:

  • Kiosk but you will need to download an app
  • iPad that allows contactless payment
  • Mobile phone which allows you to pay in cash to a human

It is kinda 🤔🤔🤔 having human assistance (not saying it’s bad) at a robotic cafe but I guess a fully “automated” setup is not yet achieved.


Somehow, we all ordered a cafe latte that goes for SGD3.0 per cup. One thing to note is that adding more shots (maximum of 3) is on the house (no need to pay more)! This is kinda different from what we usually know when it comes to Starbucks/Coffee bean/cafes.

Totally forgotten about the local coffee, lol.

The experience of watching the robot prepare coffee was somewhat less WOW that what I had in mind. All it did was to pick up a paper cup, head for one of the slots, leave the cup there and wait for coffee to be brewed. Once coffee was ready, the robot moved it to the collection desk and done. Meh.. anti-climax..


Let us now talk about the latte. Honestly, it tasted ok, like really ok. Definitely not anywhere near a latte made by a human barista. In comparison to coffee dispensers…. tough question.. Probably on-par or slightly better. I took a double shot though and the dosage is definitely strong enough to keep you wide awake for rest of the afternoon. So I would say it’s a good caffeine booster minus the sensory enjoyment.

Just before we were about the exit the cafe, a robot started making local coffee! 🤩

Basically following what a typical coffee brewer will do:

  1. Get some coffee grounds
  2. Add hot water
  3. Stir it to bloom
  4. Pour into a sock
  5. Tarik! (pull) a few times!

At the end of the process, coffee gets poured in to this compartment in the middle. I wonder if it’s pre-brewed and simply dispensed when a order comes it?


Prices are likely to be promotional during the initial opening so visit them while price lasts!


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