February 11, 2020

Registering a Drone in Singapore

In Singapore, the regulations requires a drone user to register the unmanned aircraft (UA) when its total weight is above 250g.

After purchasing a registration label at SingPost online, the next step is to register the UA at CAAS UA Registration. Be sure to stick the label on your UA before registering as a photo will be required.

There are some other guidelines mentioned on the website so do have a read!

Steps required

  1. Purchase a registration label online SingPost online


    All you need is SGD$15 to get a label! :P

  2. Receiving it in the mail


    The label comes in a solid pack with cardboard backing to prevent any damages


    Some instructions on the card on what to do next with the label..

    DO NOT THROW AWAY THE CARD! You will need the verification alphabets inside

  3. Affixing the registration label


    Once you affixed the label, take a photo to complete registration online.

  4. Registering my UA online at CAAS UA Registration


    Click on Register UA


    You will need to agree with all the guidelines as part of the registration


    Get all those serial numbers handy to fill up the drone details.



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