January 19, 2020

Willingness to help

I “bumped” into my primary school CCA mate yesterday while volunteering for an event and the recollection of times spent working on a robotics competition made me realized one thing…

How long has it been since I said No to helping someone? Ok.. maybe what I really had in mind was, How long have I been having the willingness to lend a helping hand? For most of us, the idea of long is probably in terms of months or years. However, in our belief as a Buddhist, life goes beyond just this present life. It is nothing but a continuum of your collective karma accmulated life after life.

It is probably my first time, since X number of help rendered that I started wondering how this “willingness” came about..

Events such as:

  • Helping my primary school friend’s team with their programming cos they had issues getting it to work
  • Carrying class books for my teachers so that they dont have to
  • Picking up a vehicle from Tampines to collect Flag day logistics in Bukit Timah before sending to Woodlands
  • Helping a friend move house on a random last minute evacuation notice
  • Getting a drunk uncle across a 6 car-lane road
  • Fixing furniture for a friend’s new BTO
  • Driving my friends around for wedding photoshoot in the west with a car borrowed from Pasir Ris. LOL?!
  • Weighing pomelo and selling fruits for my uncle while having a vacation in Penang
  • Speaking repeatedly for 60 over sessions to share the idea of appreciating people around us
  • Setting up and tearing down AV systems for a myriad of events
  • Stripping apart my Grandma’s fan (so she knows i did some work) when buying a new one is easier
  • Making protoypes with a friend to support the idea of a product that helps the deaf

Yeah, all were performed voluntarily without expecting anything in return. Very often, in the era today where everything demands your attention, we rarely slow down and reflect on our actions, be it good or bad. Here is one where I reflect on the good that I have done, not for bragging, but to serve as a self reminder that this goodness in me should be continued.

Thanks for reading!

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